Effective Concurrency: Prefer structured lifetimes – local, nested, bounded, deterministic.

This month’s Effective Concurrency column, Prefer structured lifetimes – local, nested, bounded, deterministic, is now live on DDJ’s website.

From the article:

Where possible, prefer structured lifetimes: ones that are local, nested, bounded, and deterministic. This is true no matter what kind of lifetime we’re considering, including object lifetimes, thread or task lifetimes, lock lifetimes, or any other kind. …

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    I feel very, very stupid! Turns out I was using firefox and I had it configured to block images from i.cmpnet.com (probably because some other site threw banners at me from that domain?). I apologise for the false alarm, but the good news is now I can sit back and enjoy your new column in all its glory. Thanks for answering!

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  2. @Benjamin: I see all the tables/figures, including this article (just checked it again). Can you give examples of ones you don’t see? And what browser/OS are you using — I don’t maintain the site but it’s info I could pass along to Dobb’s in case it’s a browser compat issue.

  3. Thanks for your monthly columns, I read them with great interest! Anyway, I notice that the dr dobbs site does not include any tables/figures that you reference in your article.

    This means I have to wait for the Dr Dobbs Digest PDF that they mail out once a month, is this intentional?

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