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How interesting.

I’m at the ISO C++ meeting in Santa Cruz, CA, USA this week. Ten minutes ago we had a committee straw poll about whether we should remove, deprecate, or leave as-is the export template feature for C++0x. The general sentiment was to remove or deprecate it, with deprecation getting the strongest support because it’s safer per ISO procedure. Deprecation would not remove it from C++0x, but would put the world on notice that the committee is considering removing it from a future standard.

Note: Nothing is happening to export at this meeting. The effect of this straw poll of the committee was to give guidance to the core language working group (CWG) on the committee’s general sentiment on this issue. The CWG is taking this as guidance to produce a detailed proposal to take some action on export at our next meeting in Pittsburgh in March.

I’ll write a longer trip report in the next week, but this was worth noting in real time because it’s the first time export template has been discussed in committee since the highly controversial discussion of my and Tom Plum’s proposal to remove export at the Oxford meeting in 2003.

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